Maluma exclusive interview: “The limit is not even the sky”

Respond to the controversy of ‘4 Babys’: “It is easy for people to lift their finger and judge and point

Juan Luis Londoño, who we all know as Maluma, is 23 years old, has 45.5 million followers on social networks, over 4 billion views on his official YouTube / VEVO channel and has just received 7 nominations in the Latin Billboard.

He toured the world with his concerts, and in March he begins his first tour in the United States. We talk exclusively with the ‘success guy’ of the moment. The one chosen by Ricky Martin, Shakira, talks to us about everything he is experiencing, and for the first time he answers those who criticized him for the topic ‘4 babys’, and accused him of making an apology for the mistreatment of women.

Question: You just received 7 nominations in the Latin Billboard, what do you feel?

Maluma: A very big joy, it’s the first time I’ve been nominated, and I debuted with 7. I think that’s a response to the work, to the sacrifice of everything I’ve been doing this year, which is reflected in these nominations, and not only in that, nor are the prizes, but with what has happened in my career in the last year in general, I feel very well, very grateful.

Q: As you say, your last year has been full of triumphs, how do you experience it?

M: I am grateful, it is a great blessing from God, I came to this world with a very special purpose, it comes to show people that it can … I am a dreamer and dreams have taken me to where I am today and I will continue because this is the beginning of my career. I’m 23 years old and I think the best is yet to come, I’m working very hard to move to the next level. I believe that as an artist the greatest prize is to have the affection of the people, and to know that I am one of the most followed in social networks, that I can even have more songs at this moment playing on the radio, it makes me give a lot happiness and with more hunger every day, because the limit is not even the sky.

Q: Does it frighten you to think of “now what do I do” or “how do I continue not to fall”?

M: It excites me, it does not scare me, it excites me a lot, I have a life ahead of me. I live on a plane today, I do not have a place, I have my things in Colombia, here in Miami, but today my life revolves around the tours, the music, what is going to come that I am not afraid, and I am ready to face all the challenges.

Q: With so much travel, so many tours, so much exposure, how do you balance your life?

M: Fame and everything that has happened to me at one point has given me many things, but it has also taken away from me. It has been more positive things, because not only are my dreams that come true but also those of my family … Through my musical career I have seen many people who have realized their personal dream, which has materialized and has been identified with me, then I believe that the greatest balance that I can have is very family, which are the ones that are always next to me, they put my feet on the ground, they are the ones I listen to, those who accompany me, those who cry and laugh with me, and my family has been like that motivation and that center of everything in my life. I have a beautiful career, millions of fans, but none of that would make sense if I did not have my family that is that balance.

Q: At what time do you need to put your feet on the ground?

M: When I’m traveling a lot, literally … Exhibition, music, press, I come to Colombia, Medellin, my little land, and I meet with them and be with them one or two hours is enough to understand who I am. To realize all the things that I stopped living because I was doing my musical career, and that’s something very special, my family puts my feet on the ground every time I’m flying.

Q: If you had to choose three moments from this last year, which ones would you choose?

M: There were very special things, like the Coliseo de Puerto Rico that I was the first Colombian artist to sing there, it was something very big for me. The number 1 and 2 of the Latin Billboard charts with ‘No Contract’ and Blackmail ‘, and I can not leave out the experience of singing with Shakira that was something very special. ‘Blackmail’ is a song that has given me a lot in your career.

Q: Your first tour in the United States arrives, what is the audience going to see?

M: It’s a show, people are here, people pay and buy a ticket to see a show, and I’ll give that, enjoy it, enjoy it, I have a great team of dancers, technicians and it’s like show them a little more than a show of regaetón, my repertoire has different types of songs. And between all I create a story that I have to tell from beginning to end. Each song follows the other, my favorite moment: being on a stage.

Q: Music and love are the two universal languages, what do you feel knowing that you transport one of these two to the world?

M: It’s incredible, I would love to be the protagonist of both, because love and music is what moves me, I get up loving my family, my fans, my life, and then I go and make music and there is where I feel in full, be part of these movements that is music and love .. I think it is a responsibility, but we are for whatever and I love being the protagonist of that story.

Q: Within this wonderful year, you also starred in a controversy over the song ‘4 Babys’ and you never spoke, you never went out to defend yourself, what do you think?

M: They always asked me for statements and I talked about it but I had nothing to speak the truth, I was always very conscious when making this song, as they say, “for the colors” … People who want to hear this type of music listens to it, and the one that does not already, I have a very large range of ages from those who listen to me from children to very adult adults and I try to give each one a little bit of my music, it is very difficult to have happy to all the world.

I think the most important thing is that I am an interpreter, as the actors are mounted in their films and acts as assassins, they arrive at their homes and do not go out to kill, I in this case I am not in love with ‘4 babys’. People find it very easy to lift their finger and judge and point and speak badly of one and the other, but in general achievements and positive things are not reflected, and are not the best selling news, because they raised us with a yellowness in our mind, and we like morbid, and we like to know about that.

That’s why the song is so successful, people love to listen to this kind of stuff, it’s the strongest song I have in the repertoire, I go to a concert and from the beginning they start asking me to sing that song, I see the messages that send me on my social networks of criticism, but I come to the concert and they ask me and what they send is the people, not the press, not me, not my label … If they want to listen to that kind of songs, they are the ones that I’m going to give. I do not say the rudeness that other artists say, but because the song is made up of four other artists, and they blame me, but I am an interpreter who interprets real things or not, mine not mine and it is also one of my favorites .

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