Shakira says goodbye to her cursed year: illness, finances and rumors of crisis

The singer of Barranquilla starts on June 3 in Germany the tour that she had to cancel last November due to problems in her vocal cords

Shakira warms up for her return to the stage and for the activity of her social networks seems ready to conjure the demons and start her tour El Dorado World Tour saying goodbye to the problems. On June 3, Germany will witness the first concert of what he considers his “best show to date” and will also become the starting point to say goodbye to the annus horribilis of the Colombian singer.

In mid-November of 2017 the artist was forced to cancel the tour that meant her return to the stage after several years of voluntary retirement dedicated to the two children she has had with Gerard Piqué, the central defender of Barcelona. What was originally announced as a simple delay due to a complication in the vocal cords of the singer, soon became an indefinite cancellation to recover from an injury that otherwise would have required surgical intervention.

Shakira then apologized to his followers and said that this was “the worst moment of his entire career.” After months of rehearsing and having all the infrastructure ready for her children to accompany her on most of her trips, she faced the most absolute uncertainty, including whether the recovery would be possible just by giving her punished vocal cords a break. It was the solution that she chose to avoid operating and risk losing that distinctive tone of voice that has made her an international artist

But the health problems were not the only ones that the Colombian had to face. The months of rehearsals coincided with matches of the Spanish national football team that demanded separations between the artist and the Barcelona player. Rumors began to proliferate about the existence of problems between them and, as a consequence, the exponential increase in pressure from the specialized media of the heart press in search of statements or images that confirmed the theory of rupture. “I have come to feel harassed,” Shakira confessed once the tsunami was over. The couple did what they could, tried to show their most friendly face and shared images together on social networks, as an unofficial denial. Shakira’s reflection in Piqué’s sunglasses or her laughter as he bit her ear, became an object of analysis in search of a message. We already know that Piqué uses social networks with the expertise of a magician and does not share in them anything that is casual.

With the cancellation of the tour and the classification of Spain for the World Cup, the sentimental waters returned to their channel and the press to their newsrooms. But the calm was short lived. Shakira still had, and has, an old dispute with the Spanish Hacienda that does not contribute to peace of mind. In February the singer of Barranquilla paid the Tax Agency more than 20 million euros after it was reported for a tax offense that affects the exercises between 2011 and 2014. The public body believes that Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll has resided during these years in Spain and, as such, it should be the country in which he taxed most of his income. The singer claimed that she paid her taxes, although she did so as if she lived most of the year in the tax haven of the Bahamas where she owns a house since 2004. Before the Treasury she reported her, among other things, her curly and characteristic mane and the invoices that He paid periodically at a hairdressing salon in Barcelona.

The money paid corresponds only to the year 2011, a prescribed period but that the Treasury claimed by administrative means. The complaint against the artist for the years 2012, 2013 and 2014 is still ongoing. The argument: Shakira resides in Catalonia and must pay taxes in Spain for her income generated throughout the world and not only for those obtained in the country.

That the nerves of the singer for the suspension of her musical return and for the inspection of the Treasury have created moments of tension between her and Pique, seems a proven fact. Some also refer to the artist being jealous and controlling and that bothers the soccer player. But for almost a month, the tensions seem to be parked for Shakira who shares virtually daily content about the team, the rehearsals and the preparation of that expected musical return with which, apparently at least, she is exultant and excited.

At the moment 51 concerts await in Europe, Latin America and the United States and the number may increase at the same rate that tickets are sold out in some countries like Mexico where Shakira returns to act after seven years away from their scenarios. The nerves, the uncertainties and the comings and goings of these cursed months for the singer, will begin to subside as the lights are turned on and the volume of music rises in the Barclaycard Arena in Hamburg. A fact that will undoubtedly contribute the lucrative figures that drive the tours of the Colombian artist who in his last tour, Sale el Sol World Tour, is estimated to have raised about ninety million dollars.

Figure that justifies the effort that the singer demonstrates by sharing essays and scenes with the numerous team that accompanies her in this project and also gives thanks to her admirers: “How nice it is to wake up with the news of winning five Latin Billboard Awards of twelve dominations. Thanks to you, my admirers, for making every minute of my life and my career worthwhile. You are definitely one of the greatest gifts I have received, “Shakira wrote on his Instagram on April 27. As if it will be the launch of a space shuttle is less and less to see her move her hips vertiginously and shake her blond hair. On this occasion, who will have a hard time peering at the audience that will attend the World Cup will be Gerard Piqué, who will face his own show in Russia as a player of the Spanish national team on the same dates in which his girl will work to raise the temperature of the scenarios.

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